Inquiry-Based Teacher Workshops

What are the Teacher Workshops?

Heart for Education organizes inquiry based staff development centered around the needs of individuals, districts, schools, and/or staffs. We train educators to serve as facilitators in excavating knowledge from students. We help you learn how to teach from an investigative perspective and aid students to learn where knowledge comes from.
We provide experts in the fields of inquiry and differentiation for all grade levels, K-12. These experts have provided educational services on a local, national, and international level. Our staff is second to none!

Examples of Teacher Workshops:

  • Inquiry and Conceptual Understanding
  • Transdisciplinary Conceptual Unit Planning
  • Conceptual Planning for the Single Subject Classroom
  • Changing the Classroom to Develop Inquiry
  • Moving from Curricular Content to Conceptual Collaboration
  • Induction to Constructivism and Inquiry
  • Aligning Formative and Summative Assessment through Inquiry
  • Literature through the Language of Inquiry
  • Mathematical Inquiry
  • Creating A Student Lead Exhibition
  • Developing Cultural Proficiency
  • International-Mindedness vs. Muticulturalism
  • Student Initiated Action: Leaving Your Legacy
  • The Art of Asking and Eliciting Higher Level Questions