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Welcome to Heart for Education


Parents, is your child challenged enough in school? What would happen if more enrichment opportunities were provided for your child to succeed in the competitive world?

Students, what would happen if someone would read and edit your essay before you turned it in for a grade or college admission? Do you wish you had help before a major test?

Educators, how are budget cuts to education impacting your ability to teach, receive professional development and/or provide additional services?


Heart for Education is an inquiry and differentiation based consulting agency. We organize and provide after school and summer academic and enrichment programs, tutoring, and essay support, and staff development activities. Knowing the effect the economy has had on school and families, Heart for Education services are a fraction of the cost of other service providers. Sign up for our free newsletter to receive information and updates along with money saving coupons on several of our services.

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Heart for Education

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